Shopping Cart Handle Covers

Just watch shoppers at any market and you will see people sneezing, coughing and rubbing their noses and then putting their hands on a shopping cart handle.

Shopping cart handles have been listed as one of the dirtiest items that we touch. Studies have shown that their is more germs, bacteria, and even fecal matter on shopping cart handles than toilet seats. But grocery shopping is a must, so how do you prevent you and your kids from bringing home more than just the groceries?

You could bring a bucket of cleaning materials with you

every time you go to the store, but  who wants to do that? 

Especially when we have a solution that is thousands of time

more convenient, the Get-A-Grip!

The Get-A-Grip is a simple to use, durable, re-usable, and ecologically safe device that anyone can easily slip over the handle of a standard shopping cart to protect themselves from the petri dish of germs and bacteria that are living there. 

Order your's now and protect the ones you love for only

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Never Touch another dirty shopping cart handle again!!!!

"I feel free of germs for myself and my child with my Get-a-Grip"

July, TX


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